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Be Holy, Because I Am Holy

Dr. Julius Wong Loi Sing


This week, Guest Speaker, Dr. Julius Wong Loi Sing brings us a message from 1 Peter 1:13-25 entitled

"Be Holy, Because I Am Holy."

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  • Whose Yoke Are You Wearing

    Stand Alone Sermon

    Posted on 8-6/17

    Wes is the director of Life in Messiah and a missionary we support here at Hickory Creek Church. He is committed to seeing God’s purpose for the Church fulfilled as Jews and Gentiles are made one through faith in Messiah Jesus. Wes' wife, his wife Lori serves as well with the organization. Check out his message called "Whose Yoke Are You Wearing?"

  • Jonathan - Faithful Friend

    Supporting Characters With Superior Faith

    Posted on 7/23/17 by Pastor Scott Kircher

    God works through people. We all need a faithful friend in in our life and we need to be that faithful friend to others. Look at he life of Jonathan and discover what the characteristics of what faithful friendship looks like.

  • Abigail - Faithful While Waiting

    Supporting Characters With Superior Faith

    Posted on 7/16/17 by Pastor Scott Kircher

    Do you ever feel like you can't be used by God because you don't really have a lot of influence over many people? Well God is in the business of using people powerfully in spite of the place we find ourselves. This past week we started a new series called Supporting Characters with Superior Faith and we began by looking at Abigail and the faith she exercised while waiting for the Lord's work to be seen so that we too can be Faithful while Waiting.

  • Jesus - The Merciful Good Shepherd

    Stand Alone Message

    Posted on 7/9/17 by Tom Newton

    This week, Elder, Tom Newton shares a message from Psalm 23 entitled "Jesus, the Merciful Good Shepherd."

  • Living Life Single

    Real Life Series

    Posted on 7/2/17 by Pastor Scott Kircher

    This week Pastor Scott Kircher continues the sermon series "Real Life, Playing Your Part" with this week's message entitled, "Living Life Single."