Below are the core values of Hickory Creek Church. These are different than our statements of faith. Our core values are what we focus on and what perspective we have for the local church. As we have seen our church evolve over the years, we have seen what we are passionate about and what we value the most within the church. 

1. We are Bible Focused. 

If we truly love God, we need to focus and grow in God's Word. God's Word is essential for counsel, comfort and conviction as we grow in spiritual journeys with Christ. 

2. Our Worship is Christ-Centered.

When we worship the Lord, our focus is always to be Christ-centered. Our time of corporate worship is meant to be a time where God's people can come together, give praise, spend time in prayer, and lament. During our worship experience, our hope is you are able to encounter the presence of the Holy Spirit, and leave empowered to impact your surrounding community. 

3. We believe that being a family and serving others are essential for life change.

An essential way of growing in your walk with the Lord is doing life with other people within the body of Christ. When we serve, fellowship, and walk through life together, that is where we are able sharpen each other's swords and continue to grow God's Kingdom. 

4. We desire to be a place of refuge and healing.

We live in a world with people who have been hurt, and our goal is to help people by pointing them to Jesus Christ. The only person who can give true hope and healing. We also desire to have the body of Christ surround you and support you during your time of healing. 

5. We believe knowing people starts with knowing names.

We want to know people and knowing people means you are able to identify their names. So we want to make the effort to start to know you at the very least by knowing your name, and our hope is that you will know more people and more names within the church as well. At Hickory Creek Church, you're not just a number, you're are a person.

6. We value people over production.

While we care about how things get communicated and presented, our priority is people. We never want to spend so much time making sure that our production is perfect that we don’t have time for ministering to people.

7. We believe that all people matter to God and reaching the ends of the earth starts in our local community.

We don’t have a target audience of who we are trying to reach. Everyone matters to God and we want to minister to everyone who the Lord puts in our path.

8. We believe in being a church where the words "Love God, Love People, Live it Out!" are more than just a motto, but a way of life.