Side By Side Ministry

A one to one ministry for women of all ages to grow in their walk with Christ.  The ministry is designed to pair a woman of mature faith with a woman that desires to deepen her knowledge of the Word and her relationship with Christ.  

Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ. 

1 Corinthians 1:11

Side By Side Mentoring

Side by Side mentoring includes both a mentee and a mentor whom are willing to invest time together to grow in faith. A mentee regularly attends Hickory Creek Church, exhibits the desire to grow in faith, and commits to meet with her mentor regularly. A mentor is a growing Christian and a member of Hickory Creek Church who loves God and His Word, and commits to investing in another woman’s life while maintaining confidentiality. 

The Side by Side ministry uses the styles below to match mentors & mentees. 

Please consider the style that seems like a good fit for you at this time. 

Know, “I want to know more about my faith, what I believe, and what the Bible teaches.”


Grow, “I want more depth to my faith, so I can apply God’s word to my life on a regular basis through book or Bible studies.

Walk, “I want to spend time with someone who models a life of faith and encourage me in my stage of life through prayer and wisdom.

Help, “I need prayer and encouragement to get through a current time of crisis.

To fill out the mentor/mentee form to begin the pairing process – Click Here